Product Manufacturing

The bulk of the Company's manufacturing process is devoted to the forming and preparation of steel into various shapes and sizes for welded fabrication. Sequence below outlines the typical manufacturing stages for Lesena's major product line

Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication

  • Design, Engineering and registration if required.
  • Lay-out and cut steel to size.
  • Form plate steel by roll forming.
  • Receive Material.
  • Prepare vessel heads.
  • Fit all shell plates together.
  • Install internals (baffles, heads, brackets, etc.)
  • Complete welding of vessel and internal components .
  • X-ray and non destructive testing of weld.
  • Hydrostatic testing of vessel.
  • Preparation and shipment to customer.

  • Welding Procedure and Quality Control

    The Company has developed a substantial base of welding capabilities. Welding Procedure are registered with TSSA of Ontario. In addition, Lesena maintains current "U" certification under the American Society of Mechanical Engineer Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Properties and Manufacturing Capacity Lesena operates out of a 15,340 square foot manufacturing facility in the City of Scarborough. The plant is situated on a one acre site at 1060 Birchmount Road. The plant is devoted to forming, cutting to size,assembly,welding and testing of the Company's product line. All of the Company's manufacturing equipment as well as its inventory are located at this site. All manufacturing areas are serviced by travelling overhead cranes, thus maximizing overall shop flexibility and efficiency.